Details About Software Maintenance and Types of Software Maintenance

Dec, 01 2020, 01:34 pm [IST]
Details About Software Maintenance and Types of Software Maintenance

Software maintenance

Software maintenance is the process of modifying or update the software component after delivery to correct faults to enhance the performance or adapt to the latest changes in the environment. Software maintenance is concerned with modifying software once it is delivered to a customer. Major economic importance: 40 -90% of the total life cycle cost.

Root problem

The root problem is complexity. The combination of complexity means that it is feasible for one person alone to understand the complete software system.


The important requirement of software maintenance for clients, changes are accomplished quickly and cost-effectively. Reliability should not degrade. Maintainability should not degrade maintenance that becomes increasingly more expensive and difficult to becomes known as a legacy system. The Legacy system may still be of essential importance to today's organization.

The problem of software maintenance

  1. Alignment with organizational objectives

    Software maintenance is resources consuming and no clear quantifiable benefit for the organization.

  2. Process issue

    Software maintenance requests a number of additional activities not found in initial development. Impact analysis and regression tests on the software changes are crucial issues

  3. Technical issues

    How to construct software that is easy to comprehend is a major issue and the technology to do this is still not available.

  4. Domino effect

    Any changes made to the code, then maybe substantial consequential changes, not only in the code itself but within the documentation, design and test suites.

  5. Software maintenance usually has a lower status compared with software development.
  6. Management has trouble assessing a software product to determine how easy it is to change. This leaves little incentive for initial development projects to construct software that is easy to evolve.

Organization aspect of software maintenance

Software maintenance is much closer to service and is related to quality. As opposed to initial software development which is product-oriented.

IEEE standard for software maintenance

  • Presents many elements of good practice in software maintenance
  • Accepting a stream of change requests and error reports
  • Implementing the changes
  • Testing
  • Forming new software releases

Analysis phase

Determines firm requirements of the modification identify the software involved and require a test strategy and implementation plan to be produced.

Technical The Ripple effect problem:

Ripple effect propagation is a phenomenon by which changes made to a software component along the software lifecycle tend to be felt in other components. Ripple Effects cannot be determined statically, and dynamic analysis must be used.


A degree to which a relationship can be established between two or more products of the development process, especially products having a predecessor successor or master subordinate relationship to one another. Traceability provides semantic links for impact analysis. Some types of traceability links are very hard to determine.

Types of software maintenance

  1. Corrective maintenance
    • Identify remove defects
    • Correct errors
  2. Perfective maintenance
    • Improve performance, dependability, maintainability
    • Add new functionality
  3. Adaptive maintenance
    • Adapt to a new to upgraded environment.
  4. Preventive maintenance
    • Identify Android detect a latent fault.
    • Systems with safety concerns
  5. Emergency maintenance
    • Scheduled corrective maintenance

Example of corrective maintenance request

The computations that ensue when the player changes the value of quality, are supposed to keep the total invariant, but they do not. For example, if the qualities are strength= 10, patience = 0.8, and the player adjusts strength to 11, then the result is strength = 11, patience = 0, and endurance = 0, which do not sum to 11.6.

Example of Perfective Maintenance request

Modify Encounter so that the game begins with areas and connections in a coordinated style. When t player achieves level 2 status, areas and connections are displayed in an enhanced coordinated style, which is special to level 2, etc. The art department will approve the acquired image.




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